Current Markets

Actual SmartNIC market (2021):  $737M

SmartNIC market revenue from Amazon and Microsoft (2021): >80% by revenue

Percentage of SmartNIC ports going to Top 4 US cloud service providers in 2021: >90% 

SmartNIC attach rate in 2021: 22% of all server shipments 

Note: Amazon and Microsoft both build SmartNICs for their data centers (captive market)

Market Projections

Projected SmartNIC market:  (2027): $1.9B

Projected SmartNIC market revenue from non-hyperscaler customers (2027): >20%

SmartNIC attach rate in 2027: 40% of all server shipments 


SmartNICs premium price over standard NICs: 3 to 10X 

Background Statistics Useful in Evaluating SmartNICs

Typical percentage of server CPU cycles spent managing networking: 30% (Facebook)

Typical SmartNIC power draw: 20 to 90 watts 


(Compiled by Baron Fung, Research Director at Dell’Oro Group. All figures from Dell’Oro Group unless otherwise indicated – updated 2/13/23.  For more information on Dell’Oro Group’s industry-leading market research, email us at: [email protected].)